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― Onishi Gallery in NY Press Release, 2016 ―



1953 静岡市に生まれる

1967 ドラクロワの絵画に出会い、画家を志す

1969 彫刻家戸塚秀三氏のもとでデッサンを学ぶ

1974 御茶の水美術学院で学ぶ

1989 欧州初取材(フランス、スペイン、イタリア)


1989 ヴェネツィア取材(14回)

1999 ギリシャ取材

2001 プラハ取材

2005 フランス取材



1996  名古屋栄三越(29回)

2001  静岡伊勢丹

2003  松坂屋高槻店(9回)

2004  松坂屋静岡店(7回)


2009  大丸神戸店(4回)


2010  名古屋、5/R Hall&Gallery

2012  広島三越(2回)

2013 「L'eterno Sublime」Mozart Art Studio,ヴェネツィア




2015  名古屋、アートベイス ルセコメロン開設 (石上誠作品常設)


2016  軽井沢タリアセン 睡鳩荘

        「Moment and Eternity」 Onishi Gallery, ニューヨーク

2017「Door」 アートギャラリー884, 東京

         個展・グループ展他多数   無所属


Drawn to the space between life and death,

between concrete and abstract expression,

Ishigami paints works that entice viewers

to experience the place between dream and reality,

and to linger in the possibility of living in them both.

― Onishi Gallery in NY Press Release, 2016 ―



1953 born in Shizuoka,Japan

1967 decided to become a painter after encountering Delacroix's painting

1969   studied drawing under sculptor Tozuka Shuzo

1974 learned fine arts at Ochanomizu art academy,in Tokyo

1989 visited Europe for the first time (France, Spain, and Italy)

    attended Grand Chaumiere in Paris in order to sketch the human body

1989 visited Venice for the coverage (13 times)

1999 visited Greece for the coverage

2001 visited Plague for the coverage

2005 visited France for the coverage


Solo Exhibition

1996 Nagoya Mitsukoshi (29 times)

2001 Shizuoka Isetan

2003 Matsuzakaya, Takatsuki, Osaka (9 times)

2004 Matsuzakaya, Shizuoka (6 times)

    Matsuya, Ginza (2 times)

2009 Daimaru, Kobe (4 times)

    Art Space Aya, Toyota (7 times)

2010 5/R Hall&Gallery, Nagoya

2012 Hiroshima Mitsukoshi (2 times)

2013 "L'eterno Sublime" Mozart Art Studio, Venice

            Mori Art Studio, Osaka (3 times)

         Daimaru, Kyoto (2 times)

    Fukuoka Mitsukoshi (2 times)

2015    Ueda City Museum of Art

2016    Karuizawa Taliesin, Karuizawa, Nagano

            “Moment and Eternity” Onishi Gallery, NY

2017    "Door" Art Galley 884, Tokyo

Venezia, 2013

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