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When Ishigami was in Venice, he felt as if he were here in Venice in a past life by looking at the swaying light, water, air and landscape in which the past and present are intermingled. From this experience, he got an inspiration of “Eternal Life”. In “Eternal”, both life and death are expressed. He drew life in the concrete and drew death in the abstract in this work. That is to say, the “Eternal Life” repeating life and death is drawn in the style of half-abstractedness and half-realistic belonging to neither objective painting nor abstract painting.

Eternal, 2014

oil on canvas

97 x 162 cm



 In “Door”, the main theme, “Eternal Life” is expressed by drawing a moment. The infinite past and the infinite future are included in the momentary thought and action that all lives meet. In this work, a human body taking a step toward the door expresses instant courage to take one step carves out an infinite future and takes advantage of an infinite past.

Door, 2014

oil on canvas

116 x 91 cm

Caffè Florian

"Caffè Florian", the oldest existing cafe in Venice, with a history of about 300 years since the establishment in 1720. Whenever I visit the place, I could not help but think that how many figures, artists such as Goeth, Monet, and Casanova have contemplated and have depicted here from the past to the present. 

Through this place, various feelings that exist in human beings, such as suffering, anger, joy, pleasure, sadness spring from his heart. In the meantime, I feels that the present moment is connected with the infinite future and the infinite past . Every time I visit "Caffé Florian", beyond the space and time in my mind, various emotions, people, scenes will be running away from moment to moment. 

I would like to draw the complex indescribable human mind where both negative and positive feelings live in the moment by getting an inspiration from "Caffè Florian".


Makoto Ishigami

Chiromante, 2009

oil on canvas

60 x 41 cm

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